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Tectonic Attribution of Continental Margins of China and Super Accumulation of Metals

PEI Rong-fu, LI Jin-wen, MEI Yan-xiong, WANG Yong-lei, LI Li, WANG Hao-lin   

  1. Institute of mineral resource, CAGS, Beijing, 100037, China
  • Received:2007-06-20 Revised:2007-06-20 Online:2007-06-20 Published:2007-06-20

Abstract: The crust was split into continental crust and oceanic crust by inhomogeneous differentiation. Continental margins with different tectonic features were formed by continent splitting, oceanic crust subduction or continentcontinent collision. Five marginal tectonic belts, thirteen secondary tectonic regions and fifty-three spacetime distribution structures are subdivided according to the distribution of three continent-continent collision belts. The probabilities for discovering deposits in tectonic regions are calculated based on existing deposits.Continental margins are divided into divergence type, convergence type, collision type and transform type, and their metallogenetic series specialization is summarized. It’s very important for metallogeny that advantageous metallogenetic multi-factors are coupled. Super accumulation of metals is controlled by exceptional metallogenesis and special geological events are key to make metallogenesis exceptional.